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Our Story

Danny & Nancy Italiano helped clients transform their dream homes, multi-unit development or apartment block into reality for the past 15 years. Danny’s extensive experience in planning and building complements Nancy’s impressive fashion and design touch to continually exceed clients’ expectations.

Building, engineering and design experts play significant roles in delivering upmost care and attention-to-detail to every home, apartment or commercial development.

The Acustruct Process

At Acustruct™, we understand that a smooth project begins with well-planned and executed drawings and professional engineering. The Acustruct™ team works closely with architects and clients throughout the design and construction phase to create the desired result.

We integrate our in-house architectural and construction services with expert town planning, interior design and contract documentation advice to streamline the building process.

Acustruct™ is renowned for its efficient, value-for-money building process within the local industry. A strong commitment to customer service is evident by the quality after-sales service available to home-buyers beyond the warranty period.

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Meet Danny

Danny Italiano – Principal Builder

Danny, who leads the team, manages daily building and construction operations as he confidently leads every Acustruct™ project backed by more than 15 years’ experience. Danny is the force behind Acustruct™ becoming one of Melbourne’s leading quality-building brands. This success is as a result of his attention to detail in executing precision throughout the design and construction process.

Danny is also the face of Acustruct™ as he personally guarantees to deliver a premium product for every client. He demonstrates the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and expertise in his dealings with all clients, staff, contractors and suppliers.

“The Acustruct team work closely with the architect and our valued clients to achieve the best possible result. We believe carefully executing drawings and engineering to plan from the outset guarantees a smoother building process.” Danny Italiano

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Meet Nancy

Nancy Italiano – Creative Design Director

Nancy brings a touch of class by injecting unique flair and expertise to design components, interiors and finishing touches. She ensures every custom home and development enjoys the look, feel and quality the project deserves. She remains abreast of emerging design trends and themes by seeking inspiration from modern to past architecture, design, museums, art shows, fashion and technology.

Nancy draws on her interior design and fashion background to create unique and innovative interior spaces to match contemporary building design with each client’s lifestyle. Nancy submits impressive interior ‘mood board’ presentations that add enormous value with flawless results.

Nancy is passionate about creating amazing spaces and designs to suit all budgets and briefs, achieving affordable luxury for all of her clients with designs that incorporate their varying needs and purposes. Using great design to create solutions to any design issues so that spaces flow yet also function well is a trademark of her work. Although her own personal style is minimalistic and contemporary, Nancy loves taking on new design challenges, working with many different styles and designing with the latest materials and newest trends.

“I work with a talented team committed to my vision for Acustruct™. Together we understand the importance of the company’s reputation and we work to create trendsetting, quality projects with a sense of innovation.

“We constantly review our manufacturers and supplier each season to incorporate new products and use prime on-trend fixtures and fittings that remain cost-effective. “It is important for me to bring a strong, personal perspective from my own work from the past. I set out to bring a new sensibility arising from my influences within the fashion Industry working with Australia’s finest designers.

“I incorporate my design skills to the building Industry with surprising ease. Hence, my motto #lovewhatwedo, as I believe when you truly enjoy your work you can achieve anything.” Nancy Italiano